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22 Jul 2016 07:35 - 22 Jul 2016 07:37 #1 by Andy Sephton
Andy Sephton's Repair thread was created by Andy Sephton
I spent yesterday servicing models for the coming Old Warden ModelFly Scale Weekend. Some are scale, some aren't, but there was about a dozen of them! Here's a selection:

- Tissue repairs on a very old KK Competitor, the fade rate of the original tissue is quite amazing!

- Fin and tailplane repairs to a KK Piper Family Cruiser:

- My Wildcat landed on the Barkston runway in May. The runway is surfaced with a very effective friction course for stopping the jets. As far as the model is concerned it's the consistency of very course sandpaper! Pic shows filler around the nose area:

- Fin repair and tissue patch on the RC Pippit (damage was sustained in transit....Grrrrrr!)

- Tissue patches on the KK Achiles - again, note the different colour of the same tissue after several years on the model!

- Tissue repairs on the nose of an Easy Built 36" Lysander:

- and finally, tissue repairs on a 32" Earl Stahl Taylorcraft. Colour fade has also got to this looks very like it had measles sometime in its life!

More work planned for today, if I get time I'll report before the weekend. ;) ;)
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06 Sep 2016 14:44 - 06 Sep 2016 14:45 #2 by Andy Sephton
Replied by Andy Sephton on topic Andy Sephton's Repair thread
I've reported most of the repairs carried out after last Sunday's very windy Flying Aces Meeting at Peterborough. All that remains is my Veron Tiger Moth. I was hoping for another first place in the Masefield competition, an event the model won at Old Warden earlier this year, but it was not to be.

I spent an hour repairing the damage sustained at Old Warden that I forgot to sort out immediately after the event. This involved re-gluing the port wing and wing struts and repairing broken tissue. I then made up a motor and spent the next half hour looking for the nose block......that I'd left at home.

The final straw was dropping my picnic table on the starboard wing as I was packing up at the end of the day!

At this point the model looked like this:

This morning, I stripped off the broken bits and stuck the wing back on with UHU Hart balsa cement. The other wings were re-fixed with cyano, as was a crease in the tailplane.

I've now got some tidying to do in the tissue area and three new wing struts to make...that should be sorted by the weekend. ;) ;)
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