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Topic started 06 Feb 2012 00:51 by admin
Ok, It's pretty common. Sometimes you may try to connect to a session and you receive an error stating that you can't This happens a lot when garrymod starts a session :whistle: Another issue cause by the same thing is being unable to see a user in the session or "room" when everyone else can see...
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Last Post by Eric 04 Jul 2012 02:28
Because the new format doesn't allow punctuation marks in the title, look for sites listed as modelchat dot org dot uk (then someone's name).
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Topic started 09 Feb 2012 04:20 by whis1962
If anyone interested in a different flying site for Phoenix. Here is one I would recommend. MSC-Albatros Nalbach Airfield, comprises of open fields with grassed strip of a decent length. Open the link above to download. Remember...
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Last Post by whis1962 13 Feb 2012 03:24
Here's one I made earlier, last year in fact, it's of the flying site me and Blue use. It's the Knavesmire in York. [attachment] Unrar to Documents/Phoenix RC/Flying sites then open Phoenix RC and change flying site to Knavesmire. Steve
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Topic started 03 Feb 2012 20:36 by Polyphilla
The Cessna 182 is in the scale model list & effectively a trainer .... I love this type of model. I tried out this one & I found it badly needed down thrust. Try it for yourself & see if it's the same for you. Take off & gain some height. Turn off the power & adjust the elevator trim for a good...
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Last Post by The Beard 05 Feb 2012 06:32
Ididnt know about down thrust when I first flew my Mpx Easicub so when it went straight up and looped from a hand launch,all i knew of at the time is why you dont fly directly over your head and how to take evasive action from a model thats aiming to kill you.I phoned Galaxy and it was explained how...
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Topic started 03 Feb 2012 20:16 by Polyphilla
Some of us have started to use the Phoenix flight simulator in group sessions on line, myself being one. It seems popular so I thought it deserved a thread dedicated to the actual program. I've only just started using it and at first I thought I could see some things that would put me off.... a...
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Last Post by Polyphilla 03 Feb 2012 22:58
Quote: If you set up the changes BEFORE you go on-line, I think the settings are saved, so when you go online, you can select the altered one, or the original. I can make the changes off line & then take that model into any on line site that will have me . :whistle: .... that's why I don't get much flying...
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