Slope, thermal or dynamic, let's hear it.
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Depron Glider
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Topic started 29 May 2016 18:18 by Tony B
I thought i would have a bash at a glider today. so at 10 am i fired up my brain and got building. nearly finished. i need to finish the fuselage, tailplane, rudder, fit the two servo's and then see if it flies. 62" span. [image]
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Last Post by Andy Sephton 09 Jun 2016 21:46
But you know it aint 'finished' until it's flown! ;) ;)
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Topic started 15 Feb 2016 07:49 by ronstv
I've just built a Dave Hughes Soarcerer. Who remembers these? Great slope soarer from the late 1960's [attachment] The radio is an old Horizon 2 channel set that I've converted to 2.4ghz just to keep the retro feel. Ron
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Last Post by Tony B 17 Apr 2016 20:15
Lovely model and nice flying sir.
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Topic started 22 Dec 2013 14:34 by CeeJayP
Hi all I have just come into the possession of one of the above 1/4 scale gliders, built by a club mate some years ago, and now sadly no longer with us, as said he built it some years ago and it has not seen air for some time, i am going to refurb and fly it from the slopes he flew it from, the...
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Last Post by alan cantwell 23 Dec 2013 12:09
They certainly do, i fly, now and again, and enlarged Kwik Fli, built by my mentor to model flying when i was 19, i am 59 now, beat that!!! mind you, he didnt leave it to me, i sought it out, and paid a premium for it, but the guy who i bought it off was a good mate if his, and...
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Topic started 18 Dec 2011 02:37 by Eric
Has anyone had a good look at one of these? Would it be possible to put real micro radio in, to raise the model from 'toy' level? The 'radio' with it is just motor and rudder, with on/off / left right bang-bang control from Webbie's site - Ripmax Axion RC ASK 21 RTF 27MHz Ripmax Axion RC...
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Last Post by Eric 18 Dec 2011 03:56
Ah - the edit button has gone off! here's the url -
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